Let me introduce myself!

What better way to launch this website, than to tell you about me, and how I got started.  First off, my name is Jenny and I am the owner and creator behind Sacred Cinder, LLC.  I am a mother of two boys…who are 4 and 7.  Along with being a mom to my amazing boys, I am also a proud wife of a super hardworking man. 

Before I got in to woodcrafting, I was a full time dental implant coordinator at a local oral surgeon’s office.  I had my first son while working full time, and then we found out baby #2 was on the way.  My husband and I had always hoped I could stay home after our second baby was born.  So that was the plan.  A scary, unpredictable, financially risky plan.  All while we planned the end of my dental career, my husband decided to start his own business, and no longer work for the big man.  I know what you’re thinking….our timing was impeccable! June 2014, our second son was born.  And BOOM, stay at home motherhood smacked me in the face.  It was a job that I thought I had all figured out.  Sunshine, rainbows, and all that crap.  But well, it wasn’t cutting it.  All those diapers and feedings were the only thing going on in my head, and I was about to go crazy.  I needed more.  I loved having the ability to be with my kids 24/7, but I was losing who I was in the process. 

 A short 2 months went by and my husband and I were walking around our property.  We had old boards and pallets laying around, and a light went off.  “I could make something outta this wood!” I mean the wood was lonely…it was begging for attention. 

 So, I made a shelf.  A really REALLY bad shelf.  I literally grabbed any nails I could find and banged the crap outta the wood until something took shape.  {All while my baby bounced away in his bouncy seat on the driveway.}  There was no sanding, no glue…just really bad craftsmanship.  But hey…it sparked something.  I STARTED.  I MADE SOMETHING. 

 At this point, my friends were cautiously asking me to make things for them.  Being supportive friends all while really questioning my abilities.  But without them, I wouldn’t have lifted off.  I wouldn’t have researched, kept trying, or had any validation.  Those friends were my foundation, which I will always be grateful for. 

Soon enough, I started to accumulate the projects that I completed, getting better and better.  Those friends that supported me in the beginning were still there.  Cheering me on, and trying to convince me to start a Facebook page to show my work off.  Inititially, I thought, “who would actually like this page? Who would want to see my work?” Then we all talked about a name for my “brand”.  Which I thought was even crazier. But they had a point. May as well have a name to my work instead of just “Jenny’s Wooden Stuff” We settled on Sacred Cinder.  Sacred coming from my love of old wood, full of meaningful history. And Cinder from Cinderella, making something from nothing.  I still love my brand name as much as I did when we came up with it. 

The photo I shared here, is from 2015.  I had just gotten my new fancy orbital sander as a mothers day gift...I mean, who doesn't like power tools for gifts?! I was sanding away, then my oldest son grabbed my phone and asked me to smile.  This photo will always be special to me, for many reasons.  My son saw me happy.  He saw his mom doing something for herself.  He saw a girl using her hands.  He saw ME.


Sacred Cinder is always growing and looking for the next opportunity and challenge.  And it evolves slowly (at least in my opinion) as I am still trying to be a good mom on top of it all.  


  • Jenny, you are amazing! I’m so excited to see your projects and what’s coming next. It’s great to see you build confidence in your talents. You have a ton of it. You are always thoughtful and craft each project with care. I love the experience you bring to the soirée and your energy is contagious. Keep going!

  • You basically just described my exact start with woodworking. Being a stay at home mom, it’s easy to lose yourself and so important to have something just for you.

  • Congratulations Jenny on making a big step! Look forward to staying updated on your blog posts!

  • If your website is anything like your Instagram, Jenny you will crush it. Congratulations on the big website launch and all the best in the upcoming year. Happy New Year.

  • It’s been a lot of fun watching your company grow over the past few years. Very proud of the 2 camo cutouts I have hanging in my livingroom. Keep up the good work Jenny!


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